About the Journal

The journal’s approach is clearly multidisciplinary: It is open to a variety of papers, including more abstract analytical papers, those which are historical in nature and illustrate theoretical perspectives, applied economics papers, methodology studies, analyses of law and institutions, the history of thought, and, in general, any rigorous research in line with the thought and tradition of the Austrian School of Economics.

Procesos de Mercado was established with the main purpose of bridging the gap between the small number of high-standard scientific journals which publish papers in Europe from the Austrian viewpoint and the increasing amount of high-quality academic research being carried out in this tradition.

Procesos de Mercado is overseen by an editorial board comprised of a director, general secretary, three deputy directors and an editor-in-chief. The editorial board is assisted by an advisory board and a scientific board, whose members draw up basic policies and guidelines. These collective bodies take full intellectual responsibility for the journal and work to safeguard the quality of original manuscripts, which always go through a double-blind peer-review process, in which they are evaluated by qualified experts.

The goal of this assessment process is fundamentally constructive. It is intended to add value to the papers received, as authors are encouraged, whenever necessary, to rework their original manuscripts with a view to attaining the high scientific standard Procesos de Mercado strives to maintain.

Finally, in order to reach the greatest number of readers possible, when a reasonable period of time has passed following the publication of each issue of the journal, its contents will become available online at this address or at www.jesushuertadesoto.com.